Cesar Chavez – A Civil Rights Example For the Casinosite Program

The Cesar Chavez National Historic Landmark has been in the news a lot lately because of the recent litigation against it by its former Casinosite Manager, Jose Parra. The lawsuit says that Parra was fired from his job as a consequence of his support for Cesar Chavez. It is important to note that this particular Casinosite Manager is not a part of their first Casinosite Organization that was conducted by Cesar Chavez.

According to the lawsuit says which the former Casinosite Manager was dismissed after he refused to choose another place from the Casinosite Program and refused to take on a different job as an employee of a specific business. In addition, he states that the new firm the Casinosite Manager worked gave him the wrong orientation for the sort of job he was performing. The suit also goes into detail regarding the company and how it’s a major company in Mexico and other areas of Latin America.

Since you can see, that the Casinosite Manager lawsuit against the Casinosite Program seems to have a lot of merit. It’s unfortunate that this particular portion of the Casinosite Organization is being targeted, however I believe that there is merit to this suit and it will go very far. When the claims are true, then it’s certainly unfair to the Casinosite Program to be convicted of discrimination, particularly with the Hispanic history of so many workers at the Casinosite Program. However, the simple fact remains that a suit such as this is going to go a long way in protecting individuals who worked at the Casinosite Program and assuring acceptable treatment for them.

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