To bring positive energy


This ritual has been established to attract energies of high vibrational power, so essential for the day to day in the plan of growth and elevation of life. Advanced beings as guardian angels are attracted by these energies by rejoicing among us by protecting us as faithful guardians of all the adversities around us, all that we are fascinated by happiness, harmony, and relaxation. When one is surrounded by light, it radiates magical flashes that attract health, good friends, love, compassion, happiness, harmony, etc., etc., etc.

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Archangel Nathaniel attributed this ritual. The Archangel Nathaniel is the Archangel tasked with helping us bring about positive changes in our lives.

When a person wants to give quantum changes, they can leverage Nathaniel’s energy and power, as his energy helps people change their vibration and start attracting everything they need to improve.

The energy emanating from this Archangel is yellow, reddish-orange as its energy is coming from the Sun.

When a person comes to him, in a short time he begins to feel more optimistic, motivated, and with many positive energies that accompany him, this helps to change his vibrational level.

Dear Creator of all that it is, I ask you for the help of the Archangel Nathaniel, for with his energy I know that I can achieve everything he proposes to me, let him pour all his energy into me, I ask for help to learn from the heart, I want to be part of the global purpose, to be able to help others,
Let me learn everything I set out to do, so I can make this world a better world in this new cycle,
Let me learn from others, and let others learn from me.
My beloved Creator, thank you for your love, and for your blessing,
I ask that you give me the energy of the Archangel Nathaniel, to surround my whole being with the love that comes from You.
Help me with this process of change, you better than anyone know it’s best for me.

Colored candles used for this ritual.
Yellow: Increases self-confidence, charm, personal magnetism and awakens hidden talents, special for new beginnings
Orange: Helps purify the environment and create a protective shield against bad energies, brings peace, harmony, and concentration.
Red: attracts love, health, emotional well-being, business triumph, and positive energies.

These colored candles that we use in these rituals are prepared with a mix of salt bed at their base to help absorb energies and transmute them according to the color of the candle.

Candles should never be left unattended at the altar or burn for more than 4 hours, to prevent discordant or negative energies from playing a bad pass; you also always have to light them in safe places to prevent fires and avoid burning them to the end so that the intention never ends.

Aromatic candles to harmonize the place
This is a candle made with essence of Jasmin of rain and honey that will gently sweeten the environments renewing energies, transporting the soul to places of peace and harmony, returning soft, light and renewed to receive those positive energies that we long for.

Candles should never be left unattended at the altar or burn for more than 4 hours, to prevent discordant or negative energies from playing a bad pass; they must also always be bur in safe places to prevent fires and avoid burning them to the end so that the intention never ends.

Mixing incense for burners to bring positive energy
This fine blend of the best incense resins brought from Israel emulsified with gold powder to please the Archangel Nathaniel to pour into us all his good energies, love and compassion for the world.

Always before smudging the doors and windows must be opened to allow discordant energies to come out and not get trapped in the place as an act of charity and goodness to the spiritual world giving these energies a chance to transmute without having to be destroyed

Personal energy cleaning bath
This mixture of salts with purifying virtues of the soul collected in magical places of the world such as the dead sea where Jesus baptized his disciples, Himalayan salts with their ancestral properties well recognized in energy therapies by Ayurvedic doctors, kosher salt with its properties of energy transmutations used since the beginning for personal and household cleanings more sacred shell to ward off all bad energy. Accompanied by an exclusive blend of magical herbs with a small touch of yellow rose oil to finish enjoying the pleasure of the ritual.

For this bath, it is recommended to boil the herbs in a gallon of water for about 15 minutes, after this tisane is cooling down the salts needs to be mixed to begin the bath to all people who lives in the house. It can be done in a bathtub by mixing the tisane in the bath water at the temperature of the person prefers or in a jar throwing the chalk from head to toe always asking for protection and cleanliness entrusting us to our spiritual protectors.

The herbs are in a mesh bag to prevent them from dispersing and can be used as a sponge to be cleaned during the ritual, then it should be discarded outside the house or place where the ritual is performed.


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