Personal Cleansing


Thoughts and emotions are vibratory frequencies that are projected as an irradiation outward and into the environment. Some of these vibrations can be beneficial, others may not be as beneficial to us. The important thing is to detect those that hurt us and know how to transmute them to keep our bodies aligned energetically.

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It is important to feel in the harmony of balance.
Our energetic bodies require a lot of care and we have to be aware of this.

If you’ve ever been in a very good mood and full of happiness, then you’ve found someone who has dumped thousands of complaints about you or maybe you’ve entered in some places where you’ve felt a very stagnant and dark energy

When something like this happens to us, our mood decreases, and we spend the day trying by all means to raise our energy levels again trying to get rid of the bad vibe that has stuck with us… at that time a personal energy cleaning is essential!

Prayer for personal cleanliness
I free myself from all kinds of blockage, disturbance and interference, pike prejudices, perceptions and beliefs of any domain nature that prevents my communication and tuning with my SUPERIOR ME, my divine essence and with the holy spirit.


God is light and I am filled with white and radiant light that, vibrating at thousands of cycles per second, this light dissolves all darkness, error and limitation, it fills every fiber and cell in my body and flows to surround me in a cocoon of light vibrating at thousands of cycles per second, she forms a shell around me and now only the highest vibrations can pass through.

I ____________ ask that a protective shield be placed for me, for the person I am going to work with, to clean and search the place where I am going to work and each and every person involved in this process. This building, this street, the city, the planet, the galaxy, the other galaxies, this universe and all the other universes and _______ (request or personal requests) and because this is for my good and that of all.

Thank your heavenly father
So be it.

Colored candles used for this ritual
Violet: provides a bond with higher forces, bringing happiness to those who seek far beyond the earthly plane. They are perfect for protecting us from psychic attacks, nightmares and transmuting energies to positive.

Red: attracts love, health, emotional well-being, business triumph and positive energies.

White: they help purify the environment and create a protective shield against bad energies, brings peace and harmony.

These colored candles that we use in these rituals are prepared with a salt bed at their base to help absorb energies and transmute them according to the color of the candle.

Candles should never be left unattended at the altar or burn for more than 4 hours, to prevent discordant or negative energies from playing a bad pass; you also always have to light them in safe places to prevent fires and avoid burning them to the end so that the intention never ends.

Aromatic candles to harmonize the place
This mixture of white tea essences and water lily flowers relaxes the senses by helping us from the aromatherapy part to change our thoughts to positives by inducing us to relax and remove stress from our souls by aligning our energetic bodies.

Candles should never be left unattended at the altar or light for more than 4 hours, to prevent discordant or negative energies from playing a bad pass; they must also always be burn in safe places to prevent fires and avoid burning them to the end so that the intention never ends.

Mixture of incense for personal cleaning
In this case we will use the mighty holy stick. Its sweet and strong aroma is difficult to confuse “Palo Santo” means “Sacred Wood” and has been used for many years for spiritual and healing purposes. Those who use it claim that it has healing and reassuring powers, properties have fascinated different civilizations since ancient times. Its history is long, its presence in different cultures, for example, was used by the Incas Shamans in their religious and spiritual rituals, who considered it a perfect tool to attract good luck, ward off negativity and achieve better spiritual communication with their gods. Always before smudging all the doors and windows must be opened to allow discordant energies to come out and not get trapped in the place as an act of charity and goodness to the spiritual world giving these energies a chance to transmute without having to be destroyed.

Energy cleaning bath
This powerful mixture of salts well known for their use in religious rituals to heal the soul, align positive energies and celebrate the aura so as not to allow the entry of discordant vibrations such as dead sea salt and Kosher Salt with a touch of sacred shell that scares away bad energies and a powerful mixture of aromatic herbs recommended by Peruvian shamans.

For this bath, it is recommended to boil the herbs in a gallon of water for about 15 minutes, after this tisane is cooling down the salts need to be mixed to begin the to all people who lives in the house. It can be done in a bathtub by mixing the tisane in the bath water at the temperature of the person prefers or in a jar throwing the tisane from head to toe always asking for protection and cleanliness entrusting us to our spiritual protectors.

The herbs are in a mesh bag to prevent them from dispersing and can be used as a sponge to be cleaned during the ritual, then it should be discarded outside the house or place where the ritual is performed.


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