Personal Cleansing – Incense


Mixture of incense for personal cleaning
In this case, we will use the mighty holy stick. Its sweet and strong aroma is difficult to confuse “Palo Santo” means “Sacred Wood” and has been used for many years for spiritual and healing purposes. Those who use it claim that it has healing and reassuring powers, properties that have fascinated different civilizations since ancient times. Its history is long, its presence in different cultures, for example, was used by the Incas Shamans in their religious and spiritual rituals, who considered it a perfect tool to attract good luck, ward off negativity and achieve better spiritual communication with their gods. Always before smudge all the doors and windows must be opened to allow discordant energies to come out and not get trapped in the place as an act of charity and goodness to the spiritual world giving these energies a chance to transmute without having to be destroyed.

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