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This ritual is formulated to open or unlock the paths of success in our lives, envy, bad thoughts and frustrations often hinder our courses by blocking everything one wants concrete to frustrate us away from our most desired purposes if we fight for the cause.

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Prayer opens paths dedicated to the upper archangels
Saints 7 Divine Archangels.
Those in heaven and
on earth, as well as representatives of
our Father God, almighty

That with a great love for our father
savior and his people, they are compassionate,
warriors, glorious and with a great heart.

Dear and fascinated by the world,
for their great miracles they grant
to those who ask, their help to
illuminate their destiny and do not abandon them,
and now that they’re dead end,
Likewise, let the roads open
in the right direction.

Saints 7 Divine Archangels,
similarly, with a place
glorious in heaven, guardians of all
the faithful believers of us
God the Father, who act piously
for those who come to you,
asking them for their blessing.

They provide to the faithful believers,
satisfaction and wealth, and also meet
miracles, provide their care and
blessings, so you can get
you need it.

Saints 7 Divine Archangels,
on the one hand, I wish to ask strongly:
help me in these moments of everything
way, I find it closed
and I don’t see a way out of this problem.

Saints 7 Divine Archangels,
I ask that you open my ways,
which I have to go through.

May they are the warriors of my God the Father,
directing my steps, so that I don’t
stumble or walk, on trails
of darkness.

Saints 7 Divine Archangels,
please make my dreams come true,
to get what I want so much, ask him
to our Lord Almighty Father and
Merciful, he has mercy on me and
help me in my difficult

Anyway, I’m trying
to open a new path, with your mighty
help, moving away from dangers,
fill me with your energy to find
the path of solution.

Holy Archangel Raphael Celestial and
Pious, you who healed the blind,
to lepers, to dying, rescue me from my
diseases from my soul to my body,
However, I put it in your hands
powerful and healing

Holy Archangel Sachiel Celestial and
Laborious, you who supply work
and abundance doesn’t forget me.

Anyway, I’m just asking
being able to work straight,
and so get a reward,
fair for the well-being of
my family and mine.

I also come to you, so that I may
rescues from labor ties
and bring to my new opportunities
to show my merit.

Holy Archangel Anael Celestial and Beloved,
you who consider love as a promoter
life, I beg you to open me
destiny for prosperity, for love
universal, at the
sentimental in my life.

Holy Archangel Heavenly Jofiel,
I beg you humbly,
how hard you work you have
on earth.

Please don’t help me the way and I ask you to exclude him.
All negativity, every lie,
all deception, and of those
people, who want to make me
damage stay away from my destiny.

Holy Archangel Michael Heavenly and Mighty.
You who fight the battles of God,
that you apply for the order where light is needed.

I ask you to help me, when
vanishing forces, equally
I hope that my faith will be fragile, or
I can’t find a way out.

Please help me find my way
right and to be strong, take care of me
in my battles and open my
roads definitely.

Saints 7 Divine Archangels,
now thank you for listening to my
concerns, equally thank you for
always be when I need them, too
thank you because I trust you will succeed me,
the comfort and remedy that so much
I need God.

Saints 7 Divine Archangels I Ask You
in the name of the Almighty Father.
By the Holy Spirit, live and reign

So be it.

Colored candles for this ritual
attracts love, health, emotional well-being, business triumph and positive energies.

Black: prevents negative energies, evil spirits, wards off evil eyes and stimulates self-confidence and balances family balance.

Violet: provides a bond with the higher forces, bringing happiness to those who seek far beyond the earthly plane. They are perfect for protecting us from psychic attacks, nightmares and transmuting energy to positive

These colored candles that we use in these rituals are prepared with a salt bed at their base to help absorb energies and transmute them according to the color of the candle.

Candles should never be left unattended at the altar or burn for more than 4 hours, to prevent discordant or negative energies from playing a bad pass; they must also always be burn in safe places to prevent fires and avoid burning them to the end so that the intention never ends.

Aromatic candles to harmonize this ritual
This candle plays a fundamental role in working our consciousness from aroma therapy to break down the emotional barriers created by ourselves by self-blocking our projects. This mixture of essences of tree bark and garden flowers evoking an English garden path easy to navigate sea a touch of cardamom that beyond romance, cardamom also serves in aromatherapy to soothe stress, anxiety, mental fatigue and clear our consciousness, as it is relaxing and soothing.

Candles should never be left unattended at the altar or burn for more than 4 hours, to prevent discordant or negative energies from playing a bad pass; they must also always be burn in safe places to prevent fires and avoid burning them to the end so that the intention never ends.

Mixture of incense to open the paths of prosperity
These resins prepared to break negative patterns in the home and personally plus a mixture of boils selected for their qualities attract opportunities for self-sufficiency more joy.

Always before smudge all the doors and windows must be opened to allow discordant energies to come out and not get trapped in the place as an act of charity and goodness to the spiritual world giving these energies a chance to transmute without having to be destroyed.

Energy cleansing salts to open the way to success
Kosher salt to open our fortune, salt from the dead sea that cleanses our essence more Sacred Cascarilla that takes away evil, essence of English garden. Cardamom and a special blend of aromatic herbs to cleanse our body of discordant energies that impede our path to success.

For this bath, it is recommended to boil the herbs in a gallon of water for about 15 minutes, after this tisane is cooling down the salts needs to be mixed to begin the bath to all people who lives in the house. It can be done in a bathtub by mixing the tisane in the bath water at the temperature of the person prefers or in a jar throwing the tisane from head to toe always asking for protection and cleanliness entrusting us to our spiritual protectors.

The herbs are in a mesh bag to prevent them from dispersing and can be used as a sponge to be cleaned during the ritual, then it should be discarded outside the house or place where the ritual is performed.


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