Green Candle


The green candle’s meanings are associated with abundance, money magic, fertility, prosperity, and luck.

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Burn green candles on Friday, the day associated with Venus.
The meanings of Green candles are tied to the qualities of Venus. Though we commonly associate Venus with love, she also governs fertility and abundance, which is why she oversees candle magic for spells related to money or prosperity.

Burn green candles on Fridays, the day of Venus. Her energy is not like her brother Mars. She’s receptive and inviting. In the tarot deck, Venus is represented by the Empress card within the Major Arcana.This also means that green candle spells are likely to move a bit slower than that spells done with red candles. So, if you’re lighting one to increase your overall abundance, luck, or money, try and be patient and let the magic do its work. (If you’re curious how to perform a candle spell, this is how I do my candle manifestations.)


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