Ritual Against Evil Eyes


This is a well-characterized ritual because people could quickly confuse eye sickness with lack of luck or bad streaks. The evil eye is very specific, it is the transmission of bad energy through the gaze.

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It mostly comes to us as a headache and rejection by a person, this bad influence irritates our being by unintentionally changing our behavior, a psychic attack that if you do not take into account can lead us to diseases of the soul. The most affected by this evil are children, pets and plants. This person may or may not be consenting, anyway, these energies must be twisted as a gift that we did not like so that they do not influence our lives as a black cloud that we do not deserve or agreed upon in our destiny.

Archangel in charge of this ritual
Archangel Michael in charge of fighting evil

Evil Eyes Prayer
Victorious prince, be you who protect and fight in this battle. Fighting against all the principalities and powers of the wind, the dominators of the world of darkness.

Help me in the name of Almighty God in whom I believe and is immortal. Born of his own image and likeness. Deliver me from the tyranny of Satan and the evil of envious eyes.

In this battle of the Lord, together with the angels, as well as you fought Lucifer and the court of rebellious angels. That they did not have the power to resist or occupy any space in heaven.

That cruel serpent called Satan, who seduces the whole world with his low instincts. Ingest it to the depths of the earth to that endless, return less abyss.

This enemy and murderer of man has taken strength for all the weaknesses of the world.

Look at him and challenge him Oh! Saint Michael. Since he is transformed into an angel of light with all his wicked spirits. Invading the earth to mock and erase the name of God and our Lord Jesus Christ.

And thus, take possession, murder, and lead to eternal perdition to souls destined for eternal glory.

Destroy this evil seven-headed beast so impure, with its evil poison that it places in men the depravity and corruption of the heart.

Blasphemy, worshippers of itself, wickedness and every spirit of malice and degradation.

He has sown thorn paths to the Immaculate Heart of the Lamb. And he has placed his corrupt hands in the holiest of his possessions.

In the sacred place where Peter and the truth have been placed as the magnificent light of the world. He has raised the throne of wickedness and the designs of ungodliness.

Restore our wounds and come rebuild our temple for the glory of God.

Colored candles used for this ritual:

White: helps purify the environment and create a protective shield against bad energies, brings peace and harmony

Blue: attracts serenity at home and incentivizes spiritual qualities

Black: prevents negative energies, evil spirits, wards off evil eyes, stimulates self-confidence and balances family balance.

These colored candles that we use in these rituals are prepared with a salt bed at their base to help absorb energies and transmute them according to the color of the candle.

Candles should never be left unattended at the altar or lit for more than 4 hours, to prevent discordant or negative energies from playing a bad pass; you must also always light them in safe places to prevent fire and avoid burning them to the end so that the intention never ends.

Aromatic candles to harmonize the place
Candle prepared to ward off evil eyes based on essences of Mira and Church incense, reaching with its penetrating essence to the depths of our being, awakening our guardian angels to protect us and destroy this evil.

Candles should never be left unattended at the altar or ligth for more than 4 hours, to prevent discordant or negative energies from playing a bad pass; they must also always be lit in safe places to prevent fires and avoid burning them to the end so that the intention never ends.

Mixture of incense against the evil eye
This mixture of incense resins calls Saint Michael acclaimed for being one of the most powerful in the moment of alienating evil spirits and dark energies plus a touch of myrrh to further amplify its power, transforming it into an infallible remedy against the evil eyes.

Always before smudging all the doors and windows must be opened to allow discordant energies to come out without getting caught in the place as an act of charity and kindness to the spiritual world giving these energies a chance to transmute without having to be destroyed.

Energy cleansing bath against evil eye
This weighty mixture of dead sea salt, rose essence and conjuring herbs including Rue herbs, Nettle, white sage plus splinters from sacred wood to make evil eyes return to its original owner.

For this bath, it is recommended to boil the herbs in a gallon of water for about 15 minutes, after this tisane is cooling down the salts needs to be mixed to begin the bath to all people who lives in the house. It can be done in a bathtub by mixing the tisane in the bath water at the temperature of the person prefers or in a jar throwing the tisane from head to toe always asking for protection and cleanliness entrusting us to our spiritual protectors.

The herbs are in a mesh bag to prevent them from dispersing and can be used as a sponge to be cleaned during the ritual, then it should be discarded outside the house or place where the ritual is performed.


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