There are various ingenious ways for you to forestall individuals from snooping or looking in areas you might not want. One place that is usually used to maintain private results is a nightstand. If you want a fundamental lock for the top DRAWER LOCK China, then a simple method is available. You can easily make a secret drawer lock to use on any sort of appropriate nightstand for about three dollars.

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First you should rotate the latch so it should latch if you shut the drawer or door.

1. Remove the screws from the solenoid cowl. (One of mine was hidden underneath a sticker.)

2. Take away the E-ring ring that holds the latch slug in place. (It’s form of hidden between the spring and the square brass collar.) If you do not have the precise device from removing these, you’ll be able to normally pry it off with needle-nose pliers and/or a screwdriver.

3. Rotate the latch slug 90º so the long square aspect is on the aspect of the lock with the mounting holes.

4. Replace the E-ring and screw the cowl back on.

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