© SAC Hannah Beevers ñ MoD/Bav Media

© SAC Hannah Beevers ñ MoD/Bav Media

Pictured: The iconic jets of the RAF’s Red Arrows fly in formation over Doncaster Sheffield Airport in East Yorkshire

Vagner posted a space photography lesson on Twitter and Instagram on Wednesday. “Occasionally, I see comments saying that the photos here have been taken from an aircraft, while flat-Earthers doubt that they have been taken from space,” he tweeted.

Vagner’s lens lesson may not change anyone’s mind, but it’s a solid reminder of the fantastic photography equipment the cosmonauts and радионяня astronauts have available on the ISS. It gives all of us down here on Earth a different and valuable perspective on our round world.

© SAC Hannah Beevers ñ MoD/Bav Media

The Squadron flew over the Humber Bridge, and Humberside Airport before heading back to their base at RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire



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Up, up and away! Amazing pilot’s-eye view pictures show just what it’s like to be one of the Red Arrows

By Alex Matthews For Mailonline

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