vivo X60 series nears global launch, bags multiple certifications in the process

The vivo X60 series arrived in the last days of December, with the vanilla X60 and the X60 Pro debuting Samsung’s first 5nm chipset Exynos 1080. These phones, along with the later-introduced flagship X60 Pro+, are currently available in China, but this won’t be the case anymore.

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Two vivo X60 phones were certified in multiple countries, including Indonesia and India – a vital step before introducing the devices at their respective markets.

The vivo X60 with model number V2045 was just spotted on Indonesia Telekom’s website, days after the very same phone appeared at the BIS – Bureau of Indian Standards. Its Pro sibling has a model number V2046 and was also spotted at these websites, as well as the TKDN (the official Indonesian agency, responsible for certificating products).

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The vivo V2046 also has the green light at the EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission), meaning Russia is one of the first markets that will see the X60 Pro. The Chinese manufacturer recently announced an expansion to more European markets like Romania and Czechia, so hopefully, the lineup will make it there as well.

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I’d like to own that x6 Pro+ Iam experiencing a good performance of x50 Pro as we speak

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Their pricing is all over the place. They charged INR.50k (~$675+) for the X50 Pro w/ a fricking 765G & 35k for the non-Pro w/ a 730G

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