I had our first soccer practice for the spring season last night and the disc cones were very helpful. I was able to set up each drill station before practice which saved me from running around and realigning the same 10-15 cones after completing each section. We were more productive and I didn’t lose the kids attention because we were able to go from one thing to the next with no set-up time. The various colors of the cones also make it very easy to distinguish one section from the next.

Haven’t used the soccer jerseys yet but they appear good quality. The open sides make it easy to get in and out of and I can tell the kids won’t need to be flipping them up and around trying to figure out which end is the top and bottom like with the mesh jerseys.

We ordered a set of orange and a set of blue for pick up soccer games for 8-11 years old boys. They fit great on all the boys and having the number on them was an added bonus for fouls and score keeping. Made it feel official. These were so much better than the ones we purchased from a large sports chain. Those had elastic around the waist, no numbers and the boys always had a hard time putting them on and keeping them on their shoulders while playing. Highly recommend these.

These soccer jerseys work great for my soccer team – 5th & 6th grade girls (8-11 years old with a variety of heights and weights). They smelled terribly of vinegar when they arrived but after washing them twice and drying them, they were fine. They are nice and bight – it is obvious who is on what teams when these are worn during practice. Ours did not have numbers on them, tottenham spurs jersey so we had no issues as other reviewers mentioned after drying them. We’ve used them for several practices and they are holding up well so far.

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