Essential Rituals

Essential Rituals is a company created out of necessity to find products of good quality and presentation in the area of Spiritual Rituals and transmutation of energies, thoughtfully formulated and which help people in all your good intentions to grow each day without forgetting spirituality and gratitude. We specialize ourselves in which our clients find in us everything that  they need for their spiritual works satisfying all senses. With everything you need to carry out a intention in which we propose solutions to intentions of the public that combine practicality, aesthetics, design and the economy.
We know how cumbersome and expensive it is to find help in special moments and circumstances of our life, treating to put everything together to ask or thank for an intention, for an intention, for personal use or a spectacular gift for a loved one, wishing him the best. 
All of our products are mostly completely recyclable to help our planet and energy trying to ensure that our company from the very beginning moment contaminate as little as possible, from our labels, boxes, packaging and jars to our salts of bath and paraffins used in our candles. Keeping in mind that all rituals are inspired by nature to please our celestial beings. Our company consists of two main products and several in development and research to serve the needs of our community.

Description of the Ritual Boxes:

The Ritual Boxes have an organic presentation inside of a recyclable brown cardboard box with a unlaminated presentation label, black with lettering in
white, using these two colors which are the colors of the balance used in many ancient cultures, such as the Ying and Yang. 
The Rituals consist of: Bath salts, which have a powerful mixture of salts among which are the Himalayan salts, Dead Sea salts, Kosher salt, magnesium, among others and a specific mixture of herbs and flowers formulated for each intention, packed inside a bag organza to prevent mixes from soiling tubs or plug household pipes, salt mixtures are impregnated with oils and essences of the best quality in the
market to prevent irritations and allergies. Incense resins, herbs and woods to smoke. This careful selection of incense burners brought from all over the world, especially Israel, Brazil, Peru, Mexico and USA with church quality.
Charcoal to burn incense resins. 
Incense resin burner: This can be bronze, metallic or clay according to the ritual. 
Scented candles:  Our scented candles are made with the best waxes
“Soy wax” produced in the USA and Canada, to ensure the product quality, just like they can be used to rub them on the leather, produced by hand and in small quantities. We use essences that can be used in candles or creams
bodily. Each candle is individually decorated so if well they follow a pattern, no two are alike. 
Small colored candles, for rituals. These candles are formulated exactly like the Pilar candles of colors, but in a smaller presentation, three candles of
8oz each, different colors a little touch of Sandalwood perfume and white paraffin base to prevent stain furniture, floors or altars, decorated one by one with sheets of gold or silver, according to the taste of the day, each candle is
handmade, no two are alike.

Colored Ritual Pillar Candles:

These candles are carefully designed to meet all the requirements that pillar candles require, these candles are composed of two pounds of paraffin of the finest quality, in Its base is composed of Kosher salt and transparent paraffin, the Kosher salt is used to absorb all the energies that are not
correspond to the place and lead them to the wick, so that burn transmuting according to the color of the candle and the intention of the request or hanks. They have a soft sandalwood scent. In our experience these candles never
burn the same, some burn inward and others spill their sperm according to the energies they absorb from the environment. These candles never have to be burned in their entirety or how do you say let them die, since you don’t want intention or request ends or is cut, always leaving candle available to burn. Our intention never ends nor go dead.

Our mission

Our mission is to bring these products to all media mass-selling social media (instagram, facebook, Amazon, eBay, I am) promote association with influencers, giving them sales commissions. Build our Website in an educational way and at the same time be a sales channel, promote sales with gifts business and wholesales, cover 100% all possible distribution channels. Incorporation of new products in the market for keep the public interested. As for example the box of Novenas for Catholic services, each box designed for for saints and virgins. Zodiac signs boxes for birthdays. Petition and Thank You Boxes for Angels and archangels.

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