Casino Premium Bronze Mug

The casino superior gaming mug is an excellent addition to any set. It comes in two unique sizes (small and big ) and comes in different design, colors, logo and poker chips layouts. This plastic case appears like another regular sleeve you’d find in a casino, but it’s specifically made to be played and used at the match. Additionally, it contains an air bubble which can help prevent damage during use and storage.

The casino superior plastic case is a fantastic addition to anybody who plays blackjack, craps or online blackjack matches. There is no question about this thing is likely to make your collection look classy and professional, just as it would in a casino. For added value, you might think about ordering a fitting set of plastic flutes, or just a matching set of plastic cups and saucers. You’ll be able to quickly save the case at almost any standard size plastic game cabinet, and it’s very lightweight so it will not impede your movement whilst on the table.

The casino vinyl cases are made for long-term storage, as well as travel. They are also perfect for holiday gifts they make excellent holiday gifts for sport players, too! You can buy these cases in almost any colour and design, and they have both letter/number crucial slots in order that they make excellent gifts for people who are especially close to you. These cases have a complete legal tender, which makes them even more attractive to buy for someone you know who’s a tiny bit on the other side.

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